Labels & Certificates
Hygiene Plus

The "Hygiene Plus" label is used to identify hotels that have taken particularly high measures to protect their guests and employees. To obtain the "Hygiene Plus" label, the hotel must either have been certified by an official body or commit itself to comparable strict measures. To obtain the label, the hotel must meet the following points 100%:
  • General compliance with the official regulations regarding distance and hygiene rules in the respective destination.
  • Rules of conduct for guests and staff (in public areas only with face masks, use of lifts only by max. 2 persons) to be indicated by means of notices.
  • Disinfectant dispensers at all entrances and exits and highly frequented areas in the hotel such as reception, elevators as well as in fitness and conference rooms.
  • Additional disinfection measures for particularly frequently used objects and surfaces, light switches, door handles, remote controls, heating thermostats, etc.
  • Increased cleaning frequency in all public areas of the hotel.
  • Extended disinfection plans: introduce cleaning concept on the floor and/or shorten intervals.
  • Spatial adjustments in the common areas (e.g. increase distances between seating groups, apply distance markings).
  • Distance points and protective barriers made of Plexiglas at the reception Face masks, disposable gloves, disposable disinfection wipes for conference guests on request.
  • Ensure limited number of guests in the restaurant as well as in the conference and fitness rooms
  • Food & Beverage as contactless as possible via packages, room service or self service in the conference room. Separate coffee breaks.
In addition, half of the following points must be fulfilled:
  • Mark walking routes (without overlapping), offer separate entrances and exits.
  • Ensure air cleaning systems or good ventilation of all rooms, use humidifiers if necessary.
  • Offer contactless check-in / check-out, room access, room service. For example via mobile phone (Digital Key Technology).
  • Appoint key personnel responsible for monitoring the new quality assurance standards throughout operations. Appropriate staff training.
  • Reduction of paper: Removal of pens and paper used several times and the guest folder. Replace with digital offer if necessary.
  • Use of anti-viral detergent for hotel textiles
  • Use of anti-viral/disinfecting cleaning agent for floors and surfaces.
  • Contactless payment

The "Sustainable" label is used to identify hotels that have been officially certified as particularly sustainable/ecologically working hotels, such as: Certified Green Hotel, Greenline Hotels etc.
Certified Conference Hotel

The "Certified Conference Hotel" label is used to identify hotels that have obtained this certification through the German-based organization "Certified".
A Certified Conference Hotel meets the requirements of the conference guest. It offers professional technology, optimal lighting conditions and a comprehensive service in the conference area. The intensive and independent examination is carried out by experienced event managers and is repeated every three years. This guarantees you time savings in research and protects you from disappointment.

The "Air Plus" label is used to identify hotels that offer payment & billing via the financial services provider AirPlus.